SitoKanaja: il sito ufficiale Garangheo a ventian word for four meaning Garangheo a synonim of wedding: however finding right woman it’s a trouble for everyone. This is the idea for the Assioma song. Garangheo comes from ancient german "geringel" that means dancing in circle: so it’s a party time like Hoga Zait( high time)  for the cimbirans, ancient citizens of the highland of Asiago. Garangheo as sinonym of confusion, that often is present in big plans like Veneto City a very big project that will involve my region. This is the idea for Setto dela City song. Garangheo as a joyous time of meeting, wich should be the sport, wihch is celebrated in Orange del  Dolo, dedicated to all those football fans and sports in general, who prefer leisure to victory at any cost.  Let’s go, Garangheo!