SitoKanaja: official website Relax yourself; close your eyes; press play button and… be prepared to a journey through a Veneto which nobody knows.  KANAJA is a musical journey, where the monuments to visit are the people who every day lives, works, hopes in a land rich of different languages and traditions. School, tourism, economy, culture, human relations, are some of the arguments ,without  any polemic, with the only target to tell them in their local characteristics.  GHETTO  tells about the hinterland between Venice and Padua, where i live and work.  ERRE could be the hymn of the people with that particular manner of speaking in Mestre and Venice, where i lived for thirty years.  In  CONILAND, I remember strange phrases for me listene in the places between Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, where i worked for seven years.  SERENATA A MARGHERA  is the history of two  lovers wich live in Marghera(famous for its factories), made, like often happens,  of wrong phrases and imperfect moments.   In a society where every day you can hear the word money  GRATIS is a reflection on a word used too many times. If Christmas still is the most popular holiday,  GINGOL BEL ,like a microscope, shows most popular characteristics of “Jesus Bitrhday” . “Ti xe proprio na canaia” (you are a devilboy)   my grandma would have said to me. IL VENTO, IL SOLE, IL MARE,  the only in italian, could be a photo of  Chioggia and Sottomarina.  LAS NOGHERAS,  seems like an accusation, but  is a question about  a kind of decision that public administration sometimes must takes.  In the song  VENEXIA TU TAUSAND (read Venice 2000 in English) I tell about the different type of persons that you can find during a working day in Venice.