SitoKanaja: official website How is born a song? Inspiration, job or play, or playing if you want. In fact, in my case, everything started when i was at home to follow my first son, Ettore : having much more time to spend far away from job, I started to play an electronic keyboard,  and to combine some words.   In this manner the songs for my kids were born; always for joke arrived the songs for some kindergartens. Then my first publication in 2008: “Cicicì-ciaciacià”  a song of the project “The little woods”, by  “The Bilingaroos”, an australian company which produces bilingual products for kids(and their parents). So always for joke, why do i not write  a project which tells about my land, about its characteristics and problems? Here you are “Kanaja”.......( that sounds like devilboy in venetian dialect)  Andrea Bergamo in art “El Kanaja” Then in March 2011 began collaborating with Vernacolando, a program of Radiopadova dedicated to the Venetian language,conducted by Nino Carollo and Alvaro Gradella: after providing some dedicated theme, the collaboration has been developed with pills of Venetian culture at the end of the transmission.  By proverbs that I began to study, and some ideas arising from situations lived and visited places  you get to "Garangheo!"